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Straws & Sinamay

Colours for Spring & Summer 2012
Ribbons, Feathers, Sinamay, Pari-Sisal Capelines & Cones

Please note: Different browsers will reproduce colours differently. A Shade Card is available upon request.

Spring and Summer 2012 Colours

Parasisal Capeline

Parasisal Cone

Parisisal Capaline Parisisal Cone

Paper Panamas & Twisted Papers

These are now available in all the colours in the 'Colours for Spring & Summer 2012' shade card shown at the top of this page.

Paper Panamas

We also have a large stock in the following colours:

Pure White


Gun Metal


Dyed & stiffened.

We also have:

Window Sinamay - Available in colours and natural.

Shade Card available upon request.

Pinok Pok - available in all basic colours: White, Natural, Black, Ivory and Navy.


Pedal Straws

Colours available:

Lime, Red, Black, Natural, Turquoise, Royal/Navy.

Pedal Straws

Natural Straws:

Natural Straws

Natural Straws

Natural Straw Braid

6/7 mm per 50m hanks (in Natural).

We have a wide selection of natural straws in stock including paper panamas, twisted papers, Xian's, twisted Xian, Seagrass, etc.

We also have a wide selection of colours in:

The following are all available in a large variety of colours:

Line Sisals 14/15

Wicker Sisals 14/15

Wicker Sisals 14/15

Circular Sisals 14/15

Circular Sisals 14/15

Lace Ramies 14/15

Lace Ramies 14/15
Holy Ramies

Holy Ramies (14/15 Only)

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